Masks…The Good, Bad…and the Ugly

Most of us are living under mask mandates today…Kids included. And while there’s been a lot of debate about whether or not this is helpful when it comes to the spread of viruses, no one seems to be asking:Is it safe to be wearing these as much as we are?

Actually, OSHA has had strict standards in place for years about the safety of masks… and today’s “one size fits all” mandates are in violation of those standards.

  • Nail Technicians
  • Painters
  • Medical Professionals
  • Clean Room Technician

But, since the pandemic, the purpose and use of a mask has drastically changed. People now wear them all day, every day… to ‘protect them from a virus.’

Have you stopped to think if your mask is even doing its job? Yes, I’m talking about that crumpled up ball of cloth sitting in your center console that you grudgingly put on as you enter your local supermarket.

Yes, I’m talking about the same mask that OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) has rules and regulations for!


Because through YEARS and YEARS of study we have learned that masks, if not worn correctly, will do more harm than good.

OSHA magically and suddenly changed their stance on masks in the face of C0V!D. 

They just threw away decades of data.Have you done any research or have you just followed the crowd? Are you scared? Do you think masks will protect you? Now is your chance to get educated

Results from wearing masks all day

I have my personal opinions about the masks and why they are being forced upon us by dictorial elected officials. I even asked direct questions to Dr. Fraudci…

So Now OSHA is saying that masks are not good for you. The photo to the right tells you everything you need to know about the hazards of wearing masks every day. As a matter of fact I have produced several pieces on the mask issue. Just the other day at the pharmacy I ask the counter help, both who had marks like the photos on the right on their faces, “What happened to your faces???” …the response…It from wearing the masks…

I remember how the captor of Elizabeth Smart hid the young girl in public every day for a year while parading her in p[ublic everyday between Utah and California. But hey what do I know. I wear tinfoil on my head. Here is a photo from some one the performed his work duties as a drywall finisher. You really think that one of these goofy mashs are going to protect you from a virus?

In addition to this rediculous notion that a simple paper or cloth mask is going to protect you here is a photo of some masks that OSHA requires for certain professions. There is one burning question I have in regards to the mask issue. I mean seriously this virus is so deadly that .03% of the people die from it!!! But do you ever see any HAZMAT disposal recepticals for the masks that contain thie deadliest pathogen known to man?

Let this sink in…

A pathogen so deadly we’ve had to shut our country and world down? The world didn’t even stop when the Spanish Flu killed 50 million people…or did it.??? Apparently Dr Fraudci thinks there was another reason for so many deaths. Now the thing that really grips me and causes great delima is the fact that the entire medical community…well 98% of them at least…have gotten on board with this deadly pandemic claim about a type of flu.

Here is something that I was taught in Health Class in the Eighth Grade….Our sinus passages are the first step in our bodies immune system. This is where you body starts to develop procetive measure for you while you grow up. There is even evidence that children that grow up with animals around are less suseptable to allergies and asthma than children that grow up without them around. I grew up with animals. I have no allergies. Well that’s a lie I am allergic to DumocratLogic thinking that does cause me to cringe and shiver as if it was minus 20 outside. But seriously how serious should we take this Certification Of Vaccination ID threat when Bill Gates is leading the charge for vaccinating the world population?

Just keep one thing in mind as you ponder that question. Who…Who is controling the information you receive on this subject matter? Who is tell you what to do? Who is telling you how to act?? Who is telling you what to think. Who is controling everymove you make when it comes to the deadliest virus ever known to mankind?

So I must ask in closing once again…What’s the end game? Are we being duped to be controled? Or is this COVID 19 the deadliest virus to reign down upon the good people of Giods Green Earth???

Until Next Time Folks…

Happy Gardening

Information provided by OSHA  V-Reveled

Written by Aaron Aveiro. Photos and video clips used under the fair use doctrine.

Aaron Aveiro