Corporate America…Good? Bad? Indefferent???

We know they’re ugly….

This morning as I was looking through film for today’s Aladay Mobile Media podcast production a question came across the desk…

Issues relating to corporate social responsibilities are not new and the history of the corporation includes a cycle of regulation and corporate response. What is the meaning of this?

The highlighted two phrases in the question…they really stood out considering the history of Corporate America. The reality of Corporate America is this…

It is easy to make/earn/generate massive amounts of revenues. It is extremely expensive to cleann up the messes made when generating said revenues.

Some say “money is the root of all evils”, makes life easy though don’t it???? Over the years we have changed as have many businesses and corporations in America have.

It happens, however, when does the time come to stop looking at profit margins and do the right thing. Like label food properly or clean up the mess you made? When does it come time that we as a society truly look after each other instead of being profit driven? When do we stop allowing the corporate world to stop brainwashing us into believing they are trying to ‘help’ us? When do we stop allowing the control of our food supply that is poisoning us? When do we actually wake up and pay attention?

I don’t know where we are headed. If we continue in the current direction then we may wake up with a strange knock on the door. A strange knock that says…You’re an enimy of the state please come with us….Oh here was my response to the question.

Corporations….well let’s see…

IBM and Hitler

IG Farben & Bayer

Bayer/BASF and IG Farben

Monsanto you’ll love this touchy feel good story

Monsanto through the years



Maybe this graph will help….The Sherman Anti Trust laws were supposed to stop monoply type conglomerates from becoming reality…They constantly have to ‘perform’ as a company positively in the eyes of the public. As a society we are at a tipping point in regards to Corporate America dictating policy via a crooked politician…Folks do not use the name Shillary Clinsanto with kindness.

Include the entire chemical industry in this….

Dupont and more

Dow Chemical

Hooker Chemical

They all umbrella each other with shells to take the hit…this ties in directly with the communication issues the USA is facing…6 entities own 1500 media outlets form the mainstream to consume….the slide above can be found by performing a search…corporate chart of food and beverage industry…

The tin foil hatters say this is too much control over so many by the few…others claim that there is going to be a corporate takeover…

The reality IMHO, is there is a control issue going on being allowed by We the People. As a society we have become complacient and driven by convenience. Now we all have to hate each other because we don’t agree or tow the company line. These companies employee a lot of people. On a closing note every one of the companies on that chart belong to the Grocery Manfactures Association.

Just some food for thought as we enter harvest season.

Until Next Time…

Happy Gardening

Aaron Aveiro