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You’re in for a treat today folks. As you know Aladay Mobile Media bel;ieves in the United States of America’s Constitution. The founding Fathers mandated…for lack of a better term…That our Bill of Rights are given to us at birth by God, not man. IMHO the only thing man has given man is grief, but that’s conversation for another time. Of course the Bill of Rights is also known as the Frist Ten Amendments, the Original Amendments to our Constitution.  Today Stuart Klearman will discuss one of the Original Amendments in your Bill of Rights given to you given to you at birth.

The Second Amendment is the shortest and most consise amendment we have. The Right of the People to bear arms SHALL NOT be infringed upon….pretty simple. If you understand that this Amendment was never written of agreed upon because the deer and the antilope were on their way to eat my lawn. The Second Amendment was written because an oppressive regime had become intollerable and they were in fact coming to take my guns….Well actually, I wasn’t there but you get the idea. When you’re done reading our Guest Writer Stuart Klearman’s piece you’ll understand the importance of the Third Amendment…enjoy


The Sinister Cornerstones of Gun Control

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I do not claim to be the first to write about certain aspects of this topic. However, I believe that I may very well be the first to identify the true cornerstones of gun control into a single cohesive argument. What I present here, is essentially a “teaser” for my upcoming book on the Second Amendment, which I plan to release early in 2022. These works are the sum total of what may be best described as an epiphany. My forthcoming book, tentatively titled Kings and Pawns is the result of such an epiphany. My first book, Infringed: Assaults on our Natural & Constitutional Rights, caused the epiphany I describe in the paragraphs that follow. Much research went into Infringed, and although I intrinsically knew what I would have hit me square in the face, it truly was eye-opening.

Let me clarify some things. First, “gun control” is not just about firearms, but includes various weapons in general. This would include edged weapons, chemical sprays, conducted energy weapons; essentially, just about anything. No one need worry about the absurdity of whether a person should be allowed to own a nuclear device; no one can afford one and it’s basically moot. Second, the two ages-old cries of the oppressor always seem to fall into one of two categories: public safety (or public welfare) and national security. Government has a way of declaring itself supreme and making all it does “legal.” Every atrocity committed by Adolph Hitler and the Third Reich were technically “legal.” No matter how much I look at history, it always comes down to those in power and those having their necks knelt upon. Those in power always seek more power, and take steps to ensure that their power cannot be challenged. It is necessary to accept that the government (or N.G.O./other form of authority) does not care about your personal safety. The lip service given is always intended to persuade the masses to go along with what the government does. It’s hard to accept, but history proves it is reality.

Sun Tzu and his Art of War should be studied. Sun Tzu speaks much of knowing yourself—your strengths and weaknesses as well as the enemy—their strengths and weaknesses. As we struggle to restore and preserve our Second Amendment and other rights, keep this in mind. Our “enemy” is actually two sides of the same coin. There are those powerful brokers at the top which you might term the cabal, deep state, Bilderbergs, U.N., or swamp. They are counting on you to remain uneducated about your rights. They are counting on you to wallow in a sort of Stockholm Syndrome, accepting everything they do and impose. Their agenda is purely power and personal aggrandizement for the chosen few. Political ideology is secondary. The other component is the “left”—specifically the gun control crowd. They are as technically ignorant as to the Constitution and Second Amendment as politicians and sadly, many supporters of the Second Amendment. They feed off instantaneous emotional gratification. These days, it seems they have what I call “leftist privilege” to do and say as they wish without consequence.

We must increase our knowledge and understanding of the power brokers, and the “left” in general. Knowledge is power. Calm rational presentation of facts and evidence will always overcome the petulant, child-like response of the “left.” Exploit that weakness by educating yourself and presenting facts absent of emotion. The cabal, well, that’s a different monster to tackle. Preserving our rights is paramount to preventing the cabal from winning.

What then, are those cornerstones I mentioned? They are, in alphabetical order: bigotry, classism, hegemony, imperialism, and racism. When one truly analyzes “gun control” going back millennia before firearms were even invented, these cornerstones are ever-present in restrictions on weapons imposed on people. Bigotry of course, is bias based on ethnicity, sexuality, religion, gender, and more. It reeks of “us-them.” Classism has to do with social classes and economic classes. Those above always look down upon the lower classes as inferior. Hegemony is essentially dominance by one group over another. Imperialism is very similar to hegemony, except it is one nation taking over control of others. Think of the Roman Empire as an example, or the classic European Colonial Powers. Finally, racism is of course, bias based on race. Now, it does become problematic as to what is a race and what is not. Definitions vary even among nations.

Racism. It’s everywhere today. The left sees racism in its soup. The self-righteous, emotionally-driven, and uneducated hubris of the left is, I think, their greatest weakness. And hence, I am compelled to write that second book! We have all seen that social media meme where there are two red buttons to push, each which can be captioned by a meme-maker site, and a third image of a man sweating profusely, in a dilemma of which to push. So it will be with exposing the truth that gun control is about those five cornerstones, and not about public safety. While the left screams racism at every turn, we can confront them with these truths.

I am sure all would like many detailed examples to support this thesis. Space limitations preclude that, but I will try to give a brief sampling. In ancient times, customs were the norm, unwritten perhaps, but long before the birth of Christ, there were legal codes. One such example is the Code of Hammurabi. This code does not specifically refer to weapons. But, like many ancient codes and laws, women were considered as chattel property with little to know property rights of their own. Hence, logically, we can infer that since weapons were property, and women’s rights were so restricted or totally denied, that they could not possess or own weapons. Clearly, this would serve as examples of bigotry and hegemony.

Consider, for example, that one, and likely two medieval popes, banned the use of crossbows. The first was Pope Urban II in 1096 A.D. Now, keep in mind, the First Holy Crusade to reclaim Jerusalem from the Muslims was brewing at this time. Factual data is hard to find regarding Pope Urban’s ban on the use of crossbows, but sources seem to indicate he banned their use by Christians against other Christians. What is not said is as important as what is said. The door was left open to use such weapons against non-Christians, such as Pagans or Muslims. Hence, you see elements of racism and bigotry. Some sources suggest that this ban was also due to the crossbow being able to defeat the armor of the King’s soldiers and was simple enough for peasants to use. This seems at least plausible, hence, hegemony. In 1196, Pope Innocent II issued an anethema (sort of a Holy Edict) banning the use of crossbows and longbows again. This is well-documented in the archives from the Second Lateran Council. And again, it was only for Christians on Christians, so we see the same cornerstones in this example.

In 1328, we find the oft-used Statute of Northampton 2 Edw. 3, C.3 (1328), which forbade the wearing of armor or weapons in public. Sadly, even Second Amendment supporters point to this as historic justification for present-day gun control. It seems lost on so many including our courts that as of the moment the Bill of Rights was ratified, all prior historic precedent became moot. The Second Amendment reset the clock, so to speak. With regard to the Statute of Northampton, it seems obvious that the intent was to prevent peasants from being able to resist the King’s soldiers, under the guise of “public safety.” Again, hegemony and classism are evident.

In Colonial Virginia, at the Jamestown Settlement, there were laws against providing (by sale or trade) arms to the natives and slaves. Without question, this was to protect the settlers, who arrived in Jamestown quite uninvited, from any revolts or retaliation by them. Here again, we see racism, classism, and hegemony. Slave codes, as they were termed, oppressed slaves and other minorities, including possession of weapons; very racist and bigoted.

Have you heard of the “Shot Heard Round the World?” Lexington? Concorde? Here we see King George attempting to confiscate colonial weapons to preserve his dominance over the colonies…imperialism and classism.

In the wake of the Civil War, Southern states enacted “Black Codes” to oppress rights of freed slaves and other minorities, particularly Second Amendment rights, to prevent retaliation and uprisings.

Jump forward to Europe (and the U.S.) in the 1930s. Nations like France and Germany enacting sweeping gun control and registration measures to combat the street violence that competing political factions were causing. The U.S. did something similar with the 1934 National Firearms Act, which I detail in Infringed. Regardless of intents, history shows that in Europe, Hitler used those laws to begin widespread confiscation of civilian weapons, particularly among Jews and other “undesireables.” He did so in France, Germany, and his other conquests. The Nazi example is one of racism, bigotry, hegemony, classism, and imperialism, all rolled into one.

Jump forward again to post-World War II Israel, or rather, the Palestine area that would result in the birth of Israel. Britain banned the imports of weapons to the Jews in Palestine. Reportedly, and I am honestly still looking for a credible source, at the same time, Britain was providing arms to the neighboring Arab states. British imperialism is on display again. They did similar to India.

In Cambodia, the Khmer Rouge confiscated weapons from civilians and government personnel alike—hegemony. Don’t forget, the first thing the Taliban did in Afghanistan, August 2021, was force all to surrender their weapons. They do not want competition. We can see bigotry against non-Taliban, hegemony, and classism since they consider themselves to be the ruling class.

We are at a crucial time in U.S. history. Only three nations have a right to keep and bear arms incorporated into their Constitutions: The United States, Guatemala, and Mexico. Neither Mexico nor Guatemala comes close to respecting what is in their Constitutions; the United States still fares better, in spite of countless laws that infringe on the Second Amendment.

We can theorize about the “new world order” or “one world government.” The issue at hand is preserving our Second Amendment rights. If the Second falls, history shows all too well what happens to disarmed populations. Knowledge is power, and knowledge is your best weapon. Educate yourself. Encourage those in your circle to do the same. And keep contacting your elected officials—but be better equipped with facts and evidence not just reiterating “shall not be infringed.”

And there you have the synopsis: gun control is bigotry, classism, hegemony, imperialism, and racism…but not about public safety except the safety of those in power.

Stuart Klearman Bio

Stuart Klearman, author of the book Infringed: Assaults on our Natural and Constitutional Rights, is a retired police officer and former naval officer. A strong advocate for the Second Amendment, and Constitution in general, Mr. Klearman holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from Tulane University and a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Southwest University. For the first time at age seventeen, as a new midshipman at Tulane, and repeated several times since, Mr. Klearman took an oath “to support and defend the Constitution of the United States, against all enemies foreign and domestic.” Although retired from “active duty” Mr. Klearman advocates for the Second Amendment through his book currently published, as well as his forthcoming book. He has appeared as a guest on fellow patriot Douglas Ducote’s show (October 19, 2021 episode available on YouTube). His motto is Praecepta Iuramenti (a Latin phrase).

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