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Hello friend. And the fraud in the process? What are you going to do about it? Is your vote and this country important to you?


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The Arizona Forensic Audit Results have been released. Here is the summary.

This will benefit all of u


s. We should all be now demanding from our State’s Elected Officials to conduct an independent forensic election audit in the state we live in, instead of debating here without any good or productive results. So please do something now or you won’t have a country much longer! You should be writing, calling, emailing, faxing, marching for more audits to occur.

Summary of the Arizona audit:

There were 255,000 early votes, which they did not have a corresponding early voting entry. It means the “ballots didn’t have a record.”

Over 23,000 people who voted by mail, after “they had moved out of Arizona.”

There were 34,000 voters who casted “double votes” which means about 17,000 votes should not have been counted.

There were 9,000 “more” mail-in ballots received and recorded than the “official number of mail-in ballots.”

The audit could not find “86,391 Voters.”They did not appear to exist.

They also found out the dominion machines were connected to the internet, contrary to what the county initially said that they were not connected to the internet. Not only that, there was also remote access available to the (EMA) election management system, which could have possibly being tampered with.

Cyber security contractors said an administrator account deleted “the entire Maricopa County general election results” the day before the audit began.” Digital forensic auditors presented their findings to Arizona senate president Karen Fann.

The auditors never said Biden won Arizona. The information “was a spinoff by some of the media outlets.” The spin is that the numbers indicated Biden won Arizona, however the fraud uncovered is the reason why Biden appeared to win Arizona. All by fraud.

Assistant Attorney General, Jennifer Wright has sent a notice to Maricopa County, placing a litigation hold on all evidence and materials relating to the county’s 2020 election results for an investigation. Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia and Delaware also in the hot seat.

Here is another hint, Delaware preliminary findings. Out of the first 50,000 audited votes, approximately 20,000 of the ballots were fraudulent. 40% of the votes audited so far were fake.

Large scale voter fraud was also reported in Georgia. 43,000 absentee ballots votes counted in DeKalb county, GA, that violated the chain of custody rules; making them invalid.

Secretary Raffensperger and Governor Brian Kemp have been working hard to stop the forensic auditing of the ballots.

Our election process has been corrupted to its core. Now that there is not rush to certified a president, the more throughly independent audits are showing what we all suspected. Fraudulent voting practices in many states.

I don’t care what your POLITICAL AFFILIATION IS. This is just to demonstrate the importance of forensic audits.

This is a “very serious problem.” If we don’t fight for this, we have no country. And there isn’t anything to debunk about the Arizona audit. It’s audit findings. They turned it over to the Arizona Attorney General. He will now conduct an investigation.

Audit every state in the USA. You should demand that, otherwise your country will be another Venezuela or Russia. Also always remember, the very high paid politicians work for you. Not the opposite. So get involve so we can have fair and honest elections for all.

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Yes Myself and everyone here at Aladay Mobile Media have our opinions that this election was funny. Now I don’t know if there is a plan but the thought of a plan that would rid the planet of a lot of evil individuals….well that would be kinda cool wouldn’t it???

The reality is yet to be determined and for the most part each individual as with the jab has to make a decission. Right now that seems to be the end game… Who gets to make the decision for YOU???


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