Is It Fake or Are WE LabRats????

With all the noise out there…is the JAB safe or dangerous…is it going to enslave us to the power of the elite??? So Many questions and of course those empowered to answer have none…that they will tell us.

  1. Is there a reason why we are called Domestic Terrorists when we question authority?
  2. Why are we conspiracy theorists when we question the credibility of the lying rat bastard Doctor Anthony Fauci?
  4. Why is our government purposely dividing us???
  5. Why are they indoctrinating our children???

Well, when you figure out the answers to those questions perhaps you’ll be to understand WHY they hate him so much. In addition why are we always finding out after the fact that the FDA is not our friend??

It’s a vicious murdering TRAP to achieve the DEPOPULATION agenda, Medical Tyranny and Pharma Facism. How FDA, Pfzier, Mainstream Media, Big Social Media co-operate to FOOL & FORCE more sheeple to be FREE LAB RATS, bypass Nuremberg Code with the FDA fishy approval of “Comirnaty” (Yes, CommuNazi, they don’t even bother to hide. Vaccination Passports are a starter, Social Credit System is the main course):

Here is some analysis base on FDA documents, TG@JoelTrump, TG@NewResistance in addition with common sense:

1: Wuhan Covid Vaccine is NOT necessary at all:
With a cure rate over 99%, why “Govt” and Mainstream Media keep pushing the EXPERIMENTAL jab (which is less than 3 years clinical testing of side-effects), and NEVER mention HCQ and Ivermectin cure Wuhan Covid virus?

When food merchandise has been found out making people sick, just a few cases, that merchandise will be off the shelves quickly. Swine flu vaccine had been found less than 40 vaccine injury cases, it is quickly banned, BUT when hundreds and thousands of vaccine death and injuries occurred, why Govt & MSM IGNORE it, but still push the EXPERIMENTAL jab?

The official vaccine adverse reporting systems of the US, UK, and EU as of mid-June, two months ago, report 22,821 vaccine-related deaths and 4,085,204 health injuries, some serious and permanent. Clearly, the vaccine was not safe for these 4,108,025 people.

Notice that the FDA gave a “safe” approval to a “vaccine” that official government databases for the US, EU, and UK show has killed as of last June 22,821 people and injured 4,085,204 people.

Why some doctors were threatened not to use HCQ and Ivermectin? Why 6 Presidents of Africa countries are murdered IN THE SAME YEAR, and they ALL refused to let citizens to take the EXPERIMENTAL jab? Why some government leaders were caught on camera that they PRETENDED to take the EXPERIMENTAL jab for showing the public?

Also, variants are getting more and more, how many EXPERIMENTAL jab Fake Governments and Big Pharma want you to take? At least 8 in 3 years, and you will have to renew Vaccination Passport, check out the Europe Vaccination Passport, there are 8 blocks to stamp !!

Pfzier played a trick to prohibit the cure medicine of Wuhan Covid Virus

2: Comirnaty (same formulation of Pfzier’s Covid Vaccine) is approved and licensed by FDA as an official American Drug MERCHANDISE: It “sounds” safe, but Comirnaty is STILL NOT SAFE:
Any vaccine less than 3 years of clinical testing, still has high risks of UNKNOWN and known side-effects. Medically, Comirnaty is still EXPERIMENTAL jab. Besides, according to Military Doctor Lee Merrit and other doctors, all animals tested with mRNA jab were DEAD, the EXPERIMENTAL jab destroys immune system and has other lethal side-effects. The CoronaVirus-EXPERIMENTAL jab, no matter it is Comirnaty, Pfzier-BioNtech, Moderna, AZ, Johnson & Johnson, is not SUCCESSFUL at all, and even dangerous for health.

If you have research by yourself, you know these Covid EXPERIMENTAL jab, no matter what brand, has Spike Protein, Graphene Oxide, nanochips…. To destroy immune and nervous system, clots blood, cause miscarriage, sterilization, magnetizes the vaxed (blood clotting to cause brain stroke and heart diseases), bluebooth connecting (5G control and tracking location), spread Spike Protein to unvaxed….
Check out what the EXPERIMENTAL jab does to your blood and organs:

3: Comirnaty (made by Pfzier) has legal liability to consumers because of FDA’s approval, your rights “seems”protected, but Pfzier still is POSSIBLE to get away with liabilities:
Here is the trick of FDA & Pfzier: The label of this EXPERIMENTAL jab states there is possible side-effects of heart diseases and face paralyse (Bell’s Palsy), which means you know there is a risk and side-effects before taking the jab, THEN, when you have vaccine injuries or even death, how big is the chance you can claim compensation with Pfzier?

4: Create confusion & grey area to bypass Nuremberg Code:
Comirnaty has the same formulation of Pfzier-BioNtech, the difference is the “label” on the bottle. You CAN legally reject mandatory vax of Pfzier-BioNtech, Moderna, AZ, Johnson & Johnson, because these EXPERIMENTATL jabs are not approved or licensed by FDA (because of unsafety), but you CANNOT legally reject Comirnaty, which has the same formulation of Pfzier & Biontech. See the trick?

5. FDA is helping Comirnaty & Pfzier Pharma to get away with liability :
Although the same forumualtion, Comirnaty has liability to consumers, Pfzier-BioNtech does not. Now FDA approves Comirnaty can be used interchangeably with Pfzier-BioNtech: Which is a scam to HELP Pfzier to get away with liability:

When you took 1 dose of Comirnaty, then 1 dose of Pfzier-BioNtech, OR vice versa, then your health is (seriously) injured or even you die, the reason is Comirnaty or Pfzier-BioNtech? One has liability to consumers, another does not. Pfzier the Big Pharma can just pay NOTHING to your medical bills, suffer and loss, because you CANNOT prove your vax injury & death is from Comirnaty, not from Pfzier-BioNtech.

Vax victims must visit this website:

  1. On site vax confusion, which one you were injected?

a. How many sheeple would check out the label of the EXPERIMENTAL jab before they have the jab? If you do not read the label, it can be Pfzier-BioNtech, Moderna, AZ, or Johnson & Johnson, theese that has no liability to consumers.

b. At the vax center or clinic, those employees and students who cannot legally reject Comirnaty, may have been actually injected with Pfzier-BioNtech instead. (For example: The stock of Comirnty is far less than Pfzier-BioNtech. When the nurse or doctor says “Comirnty is out of stock, how about Pfzier-BioNtech? They are “the same” !”. Those unaware that Pfzier-BioNtech has no liability then fall into the trap, take Pfzier-BioNtech which has no liability to consumers.

(Anyway, Comirnaty or not Comirnaty, all are toxic for Nazi depopulation and sterilization purposes, make you trackable by Bluetooth and 5G, make you seriously sick in 3 years so that Big Pharma can profit from you AGAIN.)

  1. Conflict of Interest & roles:
    a. Christine Grady, the wife of Anthony Fauci.
    FDA doesn’t do any of the testing for drug approval: NiH does & provides its findings for FDA’s approval. The head of NiH Bio Ethics & the new FDA Acting Head, Christine Grady, is the wife of Anthony Fauci.
    b. Scott Gottlieb: (2019 – Now) Board member of Directors of Pfzier AND (2017-2019) Foremer FDA Commissioner in charge of regulating FDA.
    c. Certainly, mainstream media, FDA, Pfzier, CDC…..won’t tell you about these personnel connections. Just like CDC is funded mostly by Bill Gates.

d. FDA is allegedly a regulatory agency but in actuality an agent for Big Pharma and agri-business, check out who are behind FDA, is it Rockefeller?

  1. Most lethal part: FDA’s approval of Comirnaty, helps Mainstream Media, fake doctors to spread propaganda to mialead the public, giving excuses employees and schools to mandate sheeple to take dangerous and lethal EXPERIMENTAL jab:

Some doctors work for Big Pharma, some work for “Govt”. They know jabs under 3 years of clinical testings are EXPERIMENTAL, which means HIGH RISKS of Unknown side effects, but being lackeys, they STILL ENCOURAGE you to take EXPERIMENTAL jab, this is iethical.

According to FDA, Comirnaty is not for under 16. As of the above analysis, Comirnaty is still toxic and dangerous to inject with, and still possible to get away with liability of the loss, suffer and death of the vaxed. But Mainsream Media cannot wait to mislead everyone, “Hey, FDA approved Comirnaty, so it is safe, you cannot legally reject to inject it now !!!” and keep hiding the facts from public that HCQ and Ivermectin can cure Wuhan Covid-19 diseases, the 99% high survival rate of Wuhan Covid-19 patients, millions of people worldwide protest against the Fake Governments, mandate vax and the 1984 Nazi Vax Passports.

Those who only watch the news from mainstream media would buy the misinformation, who are weak-minded to take peer pressure or employer’s pressure, without checking out the details, would end up FREE LAB RATS taking the Comirnaty or other brand of Covid EXPERIMENTAL jab, either one is ruining the health or even life of the vaxed in 3 years.

  1. It is always about MONEY, Collusion, Tyranny:

Why Europe Vaccine Passports have EIGHT blocks to stamp for how many doses to have? Why Canada orders 293 million Covid vaccine doses – nearly EIGHT shots per person over 3 years ?
“Never mind the myocarditis and unrecorded adverse events, or the waning protection, third doses are coming … and fourth and fifth and sixth …” (3 years later, renew your Vax Passport, and begin with Social Credit System. So many Muslim refugees, so many rapes and crimes !!!)
A2: Nazi Cabal and Deep States desperately need fund to pay lackeys. What better way than stealing from your paid tax by Fake Governments buying EXPERIMENTAL jab from Big Pharma own by Nazi Cabal and Deep States? Otherwise, why 6 presidents in small countries were murdered IN THE SAME YEAR, all of them refused to use EXPERIMENTAL vaccine?

Vaccine Passports are just a starter, the main course is Social Credit System. “They” plotted for years to use digital shackes and vaccination to enslave EVERYONE: You and your children OWN NOTHING, Elites and Lackeys OWN everything & EVERYONE.

Conclusion, with more and more vaccine injuries news, Fake Governments, own by Cabal and Global Deep States, know it will be harder and harder to push the 666 depopulation jab and the vaccination passport, then it is harder for the main course: Social Credit System. They desperately need to make it mandatory, so the approval of FDA, is nothing but a scam to create grey area to fool more sheeple to take the 666 depopulation jab, help the lackey organizations to bypass Nuremberg Code, and make bigger room for Big Pharma to get away with liability:

Also, Nazi Cabal and Global Deep State need fund to pay their lackeys to fight Team Trump, what better way to steal from tax payers by fake governments buying jabs through Khazar Big Pharma which are owned by Nazi Nazi Cabal and Global Deep State?

Vaccination Passports are just a starter, Social Credit System is the main course. One more push by FDA to reach Nazi World Order, the so called Great Rest:

Mainstream Media helps Nazi Genocide by fooling people to take EXPERIMENTAL jab, hiding the truth that, PCR test does not work, Wuhan Covid virus can be cured by HCQ and Ivermectin with over 99% survival rate of patients, there are massive protests around the world and Mainstream Media lied that there are only hundreds of protesters, these lying MSM and Big Social Media are as evil as the poison jab injectors. Make sure who should be on the list of Nuremberg Trial 2021.

Still think “nothing is fishy”? Welcome to Nazi World Order.
First, Mainstream Media, Fake Govts and Big Pharma said, after you took the EXPERIMENTAL 666 jab, then life will return normal.
Second, they said you need 3 doses, then life will return normal.
Third, they said you need to inject twice a year, then life will return normal.
(Oh, they don’t mention the survival rate of Wuhan Covid-19 is more than 99%, HCQ and Ivermectin can cure. )
Vaccine Passports are just a starter, the main course is Social Credit System. Sheeple are dumb and delicious, aren’t they?
Biden, Fauci discuss requiring COVID booster shots every 5 months
“President Biden on Friday said he and Dr. Anthony Fauci discussed requiring COVID-19 booster shots ( every five months rather than every eight as previously anticipated.

More info at:

It is totally and illegally impossible for any vaccine that has this result ever under any conditions being approved.
Why has the FDA broken the law? What is the FDA’s real agenda. It most certainly is not public health.
Why does the FDA want to destroy the health of all Americans and all others in the world? What is the real agenda?

  1. It’s still experimental – Pfizer’s clinical trials don’t end until May 2023.
  2. COVID jab mandates violate fundamental human rights
  3. There’s a history of medical disasters to consider
  4. There has been no external review of the Pfizer jab
  5. All we have is six months of incomplete data
  6. There are no control groups in this global experiment
  7. The immunity the jabs may have provided appears to be waning
  8. Pfizer never publicized troubling results from animal trials
  9. Wave of vaccine mandates issued in response to FDA announcement
  10. Pfizer is a career criminal with a rising tide of victims

The FDA’s clear motivation is to enable Pfizer to quickly unload inventories of a vaccine that science and the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System have exposed as unreasonably dangerous, and that the Delta variant has rendered obsolete.


Read the Georgia Guidestones (Part 2, Episode 5) : The 1984 gangs want to keep less than 5000,000,000 slaves. Too many sheeple would outnumber the tyranny. Depopulation is necessary.
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Date: 05 Sept 2021

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