Let’s Talk About Men’s Health Today….

The following is from a Newmax Health article that I was sent. As I have officially become an AARP member I do have to be cognizant of my diet. Especially in light of my recent health issues. Now my doctor, a fine man he is, wants me to give up two important food groups, chocolate and bacon. He would also like me to give up coffee.  

If you know me you know that would kill me. However, if you have a medical degree you know I’m being a drama queen. Seriously though, giving up those three…oh my, as my drop dead gorgeous friend Tasha would say. Absolutely not. Ain’t gonna happen. Now keep in mind when Doc mentioned the chocolate and bacon thing I replied… 

Hey Doc I thought you were supposed to be helping me not killing me. He Laughed So I just had to go down the road… 

Wow Doc, does that mean I can no longer have a pound of chocolate covered bacon for breakfast with two pots of coffee??? 

You’re kidding right??? He replied 

No Doc I’m serious… 

How about if you cut it in half….That I can do. 

Of course that was all in jest and I’m blessed to have a doctor with a great sense of humor and one that listens to me. My understanding is, there are some that don’t listen to the patient…or in reality the ‘customer’… 

So here are six foods that men over 50 should avoid. The article is by, based on information by Toby Amidor, MS, RD. Of course, the commentary is mine… 


1 Cakes and cookies. These foods are high in empty calories and don’t provide adequate nutrition, Amidor says. “If you are going to go for a cookie or cake, then do so on occasion in small amounts,” she says.  

German Chocolate Cake…made for me…lasted 45 minutes

It’s always small amounts when it come to the best stuff to eat. Have you ever noticed that?? What the hay, if I can’t eat a German Chocolate Cake then what is the sense in even having a piece. I’m only left unsatisfied and wanting more. Especially when a pretty girl that knows how to bake makes me a cake. Everyone knows that the highest compliment to one cooking for you is to clean your plate!!! In addition,…well allow me to state here. If Little Debbie had a sister, I be on my 600-pound life!!! Chocolate chip, Peanut Butter cookies…cut it out I’m eating two dozen with a quart of milk. Seriously I am. Then I will be walking ten miles the next day to get rid of the excess baggage they…I… created. I have always been able to stay thin, but I have always been active.  However, now I find the excess baggage does not disappear as quickly as it used to. With respitory and heart  

2 Fried foods. “Fried foods have been associated with an increased risk of heart disease and weight gain,” says the expert. “This can lead to type 2 diabetes.” Try grilling or roasting veggies and chicken instead of frying. 

Ok this one…well depends on what you fry your food in. I am a fanatic about REAL BUTTER AND OLIVE OIL, anything else is just grease. Unless it’s bacon. (unfortunately, you cannot see the devil horns sticking out of my head and the facetious smile on my face as I write). But seriously, if you’re going to fry food use a quality product. Olive oil…PURE…not hydrogenated, pure olive oil. When preparing that grilled cheese with the Tomato Soup…butter not some plastic spread with ‘butter flavoring’. If you really want to be health conscious, don’t use ‘yellow’ butter as it is died. Think about it, ever see yellow milk??? 

3 Processed meats. Sausages, luncheon meat, and bacon are loaded with artery-clogging saturated fat. This can dangerously elevate cholesterol levels. Amidor suggests trying leaner versions of your favorite processed foods, such as turkey bacon or low-fat varieties, and reducing portion sizes.

Sorry but I will NEVER give up Linguisa. OR BACON. That said, moderation is the key to any type of meat. A diet more on the veggie side is much healthier. One thing to be cognizant of…saturated fat. 

4 Breakfast toaster pastries. These foods are “calorie bombs,” according to Everyday Health. “It’s important to have protein at breakfast,” says Leslie Bonci, RDN (Disclaimer…site not secured), a dietitian and sports nutritional consultant for major athletic teams. Have an egg with a slice of whole grain bread instead. 

Junk…period. Cannot and will not argue with what is said here. Read the ingredients on this crap. I grew up on toast, and not white bread, and fruit for breakfast. Pancakes (My favorite), Bacon eggs and potatoes, were luxuries. Remember a healthy breakfast is really the best way to start the day. Even if the Doc says so!!! 

5 Rib-eye steaks. According to experts at Everyday Health, rib-eye steaks are one of the fattiest meats on the planet. A small four-ounce portion contains a whopping 16 grams of fat — much of it saturated. Switch to leaner cuts such as top round or a New York strip steak, the latter of which has less than half the amount of fat than rib-eye. 

I don’t even know what to say about this. Tell someone from Texas this you better hope they are not packing…I say that jest of course. But you definitely do not want to mess with anyone from Texas when it comes to steaks, at least in my many years of experience in kitchens. I actually used to have a regular customer from Texas when I was the chef for Colombo’s in Reno. Once a month he would come for a rare Porterhouse…$100 tip every time. Guess I know how to cook meat. 

6 Protein bars. While the word “protein” may make you believe these are healthy snacks, the truth is many of these products are often a disguised candy bar loaded with too many calories and sugar, says Bonci. Check labels and look for bars that are high in protein and contain less than 7 grams of sugar. 

Again JUNK. These are designed to sell. In reality they are mislabled.  The truth is anything “high in protein” is going to taste like dried cardboard, and we all know how that would sell.  

If you truly want high in protein the eat nuts, chicken, oats, just do them without all the excess sugars and preservatives. 

It the added ingredients and preservatives that tend to poison you. These are the items that are ‘mislabeled’ due to our wonderful government agencies being sold out to the corporate conglomerates like Monsanto and the Grocery Manufacturers Association. When people like George HW Bush sell out and “de-reg” policies and agencies designed to protect WE the People. 

I have always been aware of two important factors on food labeling….Calories and ‘Calories from Fat’. The calories from fat are the ones that get you.  

Do you really think???

Perhaps there is something to be said about “moderation” of certain foods. Especially as we get older and develop health issues like “Pre-Diabetes”, Atherosclerosis, Emphysema. Especially in light of the biggest medical hoax of all time and government agencies are restricting our liberties everyday demanding we wear and mask to stop a ‘virus’. But hey let’s save that for the next podcast. 

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Until Next Time 

Happy Gardening

PS: Would one of my Lady readers provide us with a Women’s eating Health article???? I do still have the Guest Writer feature!!!

As stated article excerpts from Newmax Health

Commentary: Aaron Aveiro

Photographs: Aaron Aveiro, Mcdonalds French Fries is a screenshot from the Food Babe, Linguica from Silva, Others are from screenshots or are photographs of photographs

Aaron Aveiro