Little Man…Brings Little Sis

Well as we all know the furry rodent saw his shadow a couple weeks ago and hell froze over….literally!!!! As the cold artic air pushed down from the north pole into Texas and the idiots we fondly call our legislatures screamed for the New Green Deal to be a mandatory new way of life, amsit the Chicken Little cries of the impending doom of the world once again. Yes the same end of the world calls we have been hearing ever since the early 90’s when Rush Limbaugh called out the elites like Al Gore who was paid ten million by Soros and purchase a beach front mansion while pulling on our heart strings about the Polar Bears dieing because they would have to swim for thousands of miles for food. Swim all those miles for food and waste all their energy swimming and starve to death because global warming was going to melt the polar cap so they would have no chunks of ice to float on and hunt seals from. Let us not forget that while the poor Polar Bears were starving to death and filling the oceans with floating carcasses the water in our oceans would rise and flood the very beach front property where Al and Tipper Gore’s beach front mansion is sitting right now…have I mentioned that was twenty some years ago and the Polar Bears demise was going to be in 6 years???
For the past twenty plus years we have continually been bombarded with the fear mongering and climate doomsayer’s from a bunch of twits that have no clue how to stop a volcano from doing it’s thing or stop an earthquake from happening. Yes it is these rocket scientist geniuses’ that continually inform us our precious world is coming to an end because…CLIMATE CHANGE… the rational folks understand the climate on the planet has been doing this change thingy for …oh I don’t know…EVER SINCE IT HAS EXISTED!!!!!
Yes they no longer tell us that we have a GLOBAL WARMING crisis as the good folks down in Texas will tell you. When you have ice cycles hanging from your ceiling it is fricken cold not hot. Of course now the climate hoaxers that only want your hard earned money to go fund some creepy project have now acquired a teen age girl with rosy cheeks and braids.

The very same look the Nazi’s used in their propaganda campaigns of years ago, to be the new face of this master distar plan to crush vital industries that generate massive amounts of revenues. All in the name of reducing the “carbon footprint”. Let us not forget while they are informing us of this doom and gloom scenario they are driving around SUV’s at about eight miles to the gallon or they like John Kerry jet-set around the globe in a PRIVATE JET.
Oh I did I mention all those that travel to Davos to decide about you and I’s future do the same??? Including the creepy guy that flew numerous time to Epstein’s Island that now owns more farmland than anyone in the USA. The bozo that wants us to eat ‘synthetic meat”. Yeah he flies around the world also poisoning people in his private jet telling you and I we need to reduce our carbon footprint. Keep in mind they are able to do this because they use “offsets’ to balance. Offsets…yeah they are kinda like the money the fed is printing right now. They really don’t exist.
So as I wandered around the yard today wondering how much longer things would take to thaw before I could start getting things ready for the spring planting, I lifted my face towards the sky to feel the warm sun. I was amazed at just how much the snow was melting into water after all the videos circulating about aluminum being in the snow…
“You mean like that stuff you wear on your head??” I heard come from behind me. Without turning I replied…
Well Little Man…what do I owe the honor?? Been a while where you been?
Well I’ve been talking to another tinfoil hatter, I think you should meet her.
A Her??? I replied. And what makes you think we should meet and have a common thread??
Well let see, there’s the Q thing, then the chemtrails, the DEW’s, March fourth, election fraud, and oh least I forget…probably the most important thing, Article Five.
OK you have my attention, perhaps we do have something in common. So who is this young lady you feel I should meet.
My sister.
I slowly turned and stared at Little Man…
You can shut your mouth anytime now he said after a minute. Trust me you’ll like her. Like I said you two have a lot in common. Besides she wants to learn about the podcast thing. I figured who better to help her cut her teeth than you, you’re a natural.
I’m humbled. but how much is she like you??? Does she just pop in out of nowhere at any given time like you??? You know podcasting requires scheduling, researching planning. You…well you just turn up like now at the damnedest times.
UM…Little Sis come here…
WOW!!!! and cute to boot. How are you Little Sis??
Blushing she replied, I’m fine but a little nervous…I’ve been reading your stuff for years and following your podcasts and you…well I’m kinda a fan…so you see a little nervous..
Relax Little Sis. Come on in I just made a pot of coffee. So you know something about the Article Five do you.
We turned and went into the kitchen, Little man in tow…
Well a little. Little Sis said. It’s like you said the framers put a lot of avenues into the Constitution for us to pursue to make changes peacefully so no one would have to take up arms. I honestly do believe that Article Five is the last resort in those avenues and I don’t really think it would take much to get eleven more states to join in. A lot of people are fed up. I hear from people all the time that want some issues brought up for new Constitutional Amendments. One of the biggest is the term limit issue.
You ain’t kiddin’ there. I’m impressed and flattered. You really do listen to what I’ve said. You know, People are clammering for Article Five from coast to coast. Turning I said…
Well Little Man, once again you have come through…But when are you going to quit sneaking up on me???
What fun would that be? I’ll be on my way and let you two to get aquainted. You don’t mind if I take the cup you’re the only one I know that makes Sumatra Mandheling, hate to let it go to waste.
Yeah go ahead….HEY!!! When you coming back???
When you need me. he said as I started walking him to the door.
And How…Little Man paused looking over his shoulder. Oh yeah I forgot you have that ability thingy we don’t talk about…
With that Little Man mumbled something and then over his shoulder …see you in a while. You too Little Sis
See you in a while Little Man. I turned to Little Sis. He is always like that??
Always!!! drives me nuts.
Yeah me too, so when do you want to get started?
How about now?
OK How resourceful are you?
About as good if not better as my brother. Half the stuff he brings to you he gets from me.
Ya don’t say…I think I’m gona like this arrangement. We’ll work on a couple articles and then start doing some live podcasts. Hows that sound.
Sounds GREAT!!!
Alright. I replied as I started writing some notes down. Here’s a list of names and topics, Let’s see what you come up with and we’ll talk in a couple days.
We sat in silence drinking our coffee watching the sun come up and warm the walks as the snow start turning to water and filling the streets…
Well I’m going to go get started on this list. I’ll see you in a couple days. Oh let me get your number unless…
No here’s my number I said as I wrote it down for her. See you in a couple days.
OK Thanks for the coffee, my brother was right you do have good coffee. You know you’re one of his favorite people…
He sure has a funny way of showing it…
Yeah he’s like that..I’ll see you in a couple days.
As Little Sis walked down the road….all I could think…Ain’t life a hoot.


Until Next Time

Happy Gardening

Dedicated to Rush Limbaugh

Photos: Little Man Courtesy Led Zeppelin IV, The others courtesy Cyber-land and Google

Characters created and written by Aaron Aveiro

Aaron Aveiro