Myanmar Election Fraud or Coup d’etat???

Well even though the furry rodent saw his shadow spring is trying awfully hard to push winter away from us. The nights have not been quite as cold lately and the days no longer require hoodie’s, jackets, hats and scarves. Even the toes don’t get cold anymore. The store have started putting all the spring planting items out. Strawberry’s, Iris bulbs, I saw tulips, Elephant Ears, Daffodils in all the garden departments this past week on my gas price checking run. Yes, all the signs that Girl Watching Season is right around the corner!!!

When I saw the strawberry plants selling at ten roots for three dollars I was reminded of Aladay Organic Farms annual spring time special of Bare Root Strawberry Plants, a bakers dozen for three bucks. They used to boast about selling them cheaper than Walmart.

So while I’m out in the yard this morning getting the garden beds cleaned up and prepared for planting. Enjoying the soon to be spring sun while fighting off those chilly winds that wish to remind us that Old man Winter is still too stubborn to leave when the phone rings. I answer, Hello…


Hey!!! as I jump at the voice behind me…

Turning there stood Little Sis…

I thought you said…

Yeah I guess it runs in the family.

Great!!! I said shaking my head fighting back the smile.

Well let’s get some coffee and see what you got.

As we went inside the Sumatra Mandheling permeated the air.

I handed Little Sis a cup, So what have you come up with??

Well, Little Sis said looking over the rim of her cup. Most everything is rather generic, Seventy Five, highly educated in India, even a stint at Oxford and London University. After that Aung San Suu Kyi becomes a political football. Her father was a political activist and was assassinated when she was two. For fifteen years she is on house arrest and finally with the assistance of some very interesting characters she gets released.

Really, I said..who??

Oh just all your favorites, Clinton, McConnell, Pelosi, Soros and the grand traitor of all Obama.

She also has won some interesting awards. The Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought, The

Sakharov? I asked. The made up award to justify the European Union as being legitimate?

The one and only Little Sis rep[lied.

Interesting what else? I asked.

She also received the Bhagwan Mahavir World Peace Award and

That’s from India right?

Yes and last but not least a Nobel for literature.

She wrote a book??

Flipping through her notes she replied….The Norwegian Nobel Committee decided to award the Nobel Peace Prize for 1991 to Aung San Suu Kyi of Myanmar (Burma) for her non-violent struggle for democracy and human rights.

So why is she hated today? Why did they take her into custody and nobody knows where she is now?

Well, Little Sis started then hesitated, she looked up sheepishly….I don’t know.

What did she do with the money from the Nobel?

UMMMMM this is where things start to get weird.

What do you mean.

Well she started something to do with Health and Education for the…

Let me guess the Clinton Foundation is now involved???


Well now, what about human or child trafficking??

Nothing but innuendo, But I haven’t really followed the money yet.

So why are they saying the election was fraudulent?

Not sure on that either. The accusations are the same we hear here, fake votes, more votes than people, illegal votes. The usual voter fraud issues. But there is something rather unique in the Myanmar Constitution.

And that is?

Well twenty-five percent of the Parliamentary must be military. They are similarly structured as we are with an upper and lower house for legislating. They have three hundred thirty areas called constituencies with each electing a representative and consequently the military has one hundred and ten seats. That was the agreement between the People and the military junta, when the military relinquished control.

Dominion??? I ask

Nothing, so far that’s a dead end. Everything I find says the voting was done by ballot and in person.

Interesting. Children??

Yes two, Alexander and Kim, both sons.

Alexander? That’s interesting. Isn’t Soro’s kid in the picture somewhere? I thought I saw a photo of…

You did. Yes the kid and the daddy are both in photos but after her husband died.


Prostrate cancer. But this turn of events has a twist. He was out of the country and Burma wouldn’t grant a visa and suggested she leave to go be with him. She refused and the house arrest started again.

Well that is a twist…What do we know about Burma other than they have Burmese Pythons???

Pretty docile country, mostly Buddhists, some Christians about four percent Muslim and some scattered religions.

So why does she go from goat to hero back to goat?? and Why is there chatter about their election fraud issues reflecting ours??

For a bit we sat in silent with that question hanging in the air.

Little Sis finally broke the silence…

Not sure maybe we should follow the money???

I hate going down that road but you’re right Little Sis. Especially with the cast of characters involved.

I grabbed our coffee cups and got up to refill them. When I turned around she was gone…

Standing there chuckling to myself I mumbled…yeah just like her brother…


Photographs and authored by Aaron Aveiro. Characters are solely the imagination of author.

Aaron Aveiro