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Are you a Healthy Oiler or an Unhealthy Oiler????

From “The Oiling of America;”

Here’s a study on how this dangerous flipping of our understanding of fat and cholesterol was created from “The Oiling of America.”

In these studies, she begins by showing how we had a lot of saturated fats in our diet a century ago, when we didn’t have all the chronic diseases of today, including cancer and heart disease.

She shows that during the rise in heart attacks we were eating less saturated fats and eating low saturated man made fats.

The actual science as far back as 1936 the theory showed that cholesterol caused heart attacks had already been proven wrong.

One of the first studies done to prove cholesterol caused heart attacks, The Prudent Diet by the N.Y. Academy of Medicine published in 1968 actually showed 8 deaths from heart disease occurred among the prudent diet group, and none among those who ate eggs every day and meat at every meal and higher cholesterol. These findings were ignored.

The Institute for Shortening and Edible Oils is who is behind this flawed theory, to promote their theory over the last 50 years and demonize animal fats.

At this time, the American Heart Association actually put out a statement to the public to avoid partially hydrogenated oils and trans fats in 1965, but Dr Fred Mason of Proctor and Gamble  (producer of vegetable oils) told them not to distribute these papers and destroy them.

The edible oil industry supervised the AHA, NHLBI and AMA.

In 1971, FDA’s general council became president of the edible oil trade association. Mattson, held controlling positions in the Lipid Research Clinic Trials that led to the National Cholesterol Education Program.

The AMA in 1962 called the “anti-fat and anti-cholesterol ‘Fad’s foolish and futile.” By the 70s though the AMA  joined in with the AHA and NAS, saying processed foods should be readily available to the public.

This is where the focus on cholesterol by doctors came from, proposing a radical change in the way Americans eat on a theory that hadn’t been proven yet.

The FDA in 1973 removed the labeling law on ‘Imitation’ foods of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act 1938 for ‘Advances in food technology.’

The McGovern committee claimed vegetable oils cause cancer and heart attacks.

The FDA data at the time actually showed people eating more animal fats had less cancer and less heart disease.

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans didn’t even mention trans-fats. They were lumped in with saturated fats, blaming saturated fats for the diseases caused by trans-fats.

The 3 studies most sighted promoting the Lipid Hypothesis, was the Framingham Study which actually showed very little increased risk from higher cholesterol. The actual increased risk was 0.13%, 13/10,000, but they twisted the numbers around. The actual difference of 1 per thousand to 2 per thousand was manipulated to claim a a 240% increase in risk, using relative risk.

The Framingham Study actually showed that those who ate the most cholesterol, saturated fat and calories weighed the least and were most active.

The second, the Multiple Risk Factor Intervention Trial,  actually showed the total death, the ones with high cholesterol taking blood pressure drugs had the highest deaths. They stopped the study early because they didn’t want this to become statistically significant.

The third was the Lipid Research Clinic Coronary Primary Prevention Trial where all participants were put on a low cholesterol, low fat diet to promote cholesterol lowering drugs and though they claimed a 17% decrease in heart attacks there was actually no difference between those taking the drugs and placebo. The group taking the drugs had an increase in deaths from cancer, stroke, violence and suicide. But medical journals claimed this study as proof animal fats cause heart disease.

30 years later, looking at the Framingham Study, the lower cholesterol showed to be the greater risk of death. In a statement from the American Medical Journal Association; for each 1% decrease in cholesterol there was an 11% increase in coronary and total mortality.

Ancel Keys is key to how this lipid theory became the guidelines. He cherry picked his data to prove his theory, but all the data he had shows no correlation between fat and cholesterol, mortality, or heart disease.

In the Monica study, there’s no correlation, but they did the same, picked 3 countries to prove their theory, leaving off the data points that didn’t fit.

More epidemiological data coming from the European studies show the highest consumption of fat has the lowest rates of heart disease.

1984 Cholesterol Consensus Conference already had their conclusions written before listening to the scientists

Inviting the scientists was just a public trust measure. Their views were not included in the report. It was here that the risk factor of having a cholesterol level over 200, below the actual average cholesterol level of 240, and well below the accepted level of 300 prior got everyone on cholesterol lowering drugs . . . so they will ” . . . have enough people to treat.”  They called for mass cholesterol screening, recommended the \”Prudent diet, ” low in saturated fat and cholesterol for “at risk” Americans, even though no long term studies had been done. And replace butter with margarine. Launched the National Cholesterol Education Program, to get doctors to test for cholesterol, and the American Pharmaceutical Association was on the committee

By 1990 NIH recommended the prudent diet for everyone over 2.

As we can see now, what they’re recommending is based on bad science, and is bad advice.

The real scientific studies showed children need the nutrients and vitamins in animal fats, saturated fats, for growth and development.

Children need saturated fats and cholesterol  for their brain, nervous system, bones, organs and for reproduction. And this diet has been leading to learning disorders.

It’s all about the money; getting everyone on cholesterol lowering drugs, changing healthy people into patients by creating a new disease, hypercholesterolemia.

I’m not going to write down all these studies showing no relationship with cholesterol and heart risks. See:The Cholesterol Myths, Uffe Ravniskov, MD, PhD.

Cholesterol makes cells waterproof, repairs wounds, including tears in the arteries, gives structure, proper stiffness to cells, precursor to vitamin D, needed for healthy bones, calcium metabolism, reproduction, normal growth, eyesight and nervous system. Precursor to bile salts, needed for fat digestion; precursor to vital sex hormones and protective steroids; powerful antioxidant, protects against free radicals, and it’s essential for development and function of brain and nervous system; needed for proper functioning of serotonin receptors in the brain. When serotonin doesn’t work people get depressed, antisocial and suicidal.

Cholesterol is the mother of all hormones created by progesterone. Trans fats inhibit enzymes that make these conversions. The vitamin A from animal fats is needed for these conversions.

People can’t make enough cortisol to heal because of a lack of cholesterol.

Especially for women, higher cholesterol is associated with a longer lifespan. Even if her cholesterol level is at 1,000, shows no risk.

For men there’s very minimal risk for those with a cholesterol level over 300, not 240, 240 is average, and definitely not 200 where we get put on drugs.

The evidence that LDL is bad is even weaker than the evidence of total cholesterol. LDL cholesterol protects against infection, especially in the elderly.

All cause deaths are higher with individuals with cholesterol under 180.

Oxidized cholesterol from powdered milk and eggs, and deep frying fats may initiate build up of pathogenic plaque.

Cholesterol drugs do not lower risk of heart disease, but do increase risk of cancer, intestinal disease, suicide and violent behavior.

The cholesterol we get in food is not harmful. It’s the same cholesterol our body makes.

Many studies have shown that all cause deaths, especially from cancer, are higher at cholesterol levels under 180.

The oxidized cholesterol is a problem from the powdered milk added to 1% and 2% milk products.

LDL cholesterol has been shown to be slightly protective in studies including calcium build up in the arteries.

Saturated and monounsaturated fats are stable fats. We can heat them, cook with them and expose them to air. They don’t break down. They’re safe to eat, and they last a long time. Polyunsaturated fats when heated and exposed to air create free radicals. The process of making vegetable oils make them rancid.

The free radicals in vegetable oils cause lesions in the arteries.

Many diseases are associated with the vegetable oils, cancer and heart disease,  liver damage, reproduction damage, damage in the lungs and more.

The impaired learning and growth in children already mentioned is due to the lowering in cholesterol.

Polyunsaturated fats cause uncontrolled reactions, trans fats block reactions, creating dead spots on the cell membranes.

A list of diseases caused by trans-fats is very long, including but not limited to cancer, heart disease, degeneration of joints and tendons, diabetes, low testosterone and autoimmune diseases.

Not just the margarine and vegetable oils, but most of the processed foods, crackers, chips and snack foods are made with trans fats. Ask what the restaurants are using to fry their foods, partially hydrogenated soybean oil?

Saturated fats have the opposite effect of trans-fats. Cell membranes, hormones, inflammation, heart disease, omega 3, diabetes, immune system, prostaglandins all improve with saturated fats.

Cell membranes should be 50% saturated fats, saturated fats put calcium in the bones, lower Lp (a), a marker for heart disease, saturated fats are the preferred food for the heart, saturated fats protect the liver from alcohol and other poisons, lungs can’t function without saturated fats, kidneys can’t function without saturated fats, immune system is enhanced by saturated fats, essential fatty acids work together with saturated fats and saturated fats support the body’s detoxification system.

The short and medium chain fatty acids like in coconut oil increase the body metabolism, never stored as fat, used for energy, stimulates the immune system, helps prevent cancer (intracellular communication) kills pathogens including candita in the gut.

Vitamin D in lard helps the body make neuro-chemicals to prevent against depression.

Butter consumption has gone down dramatically, heart disease and cancer has gone up dramatically.

A study in the British Medical Journal in 1965 showed the animal fat group had the most alive after 2 years.

A Harvard School of Public Health showed that total fat intake bore no significant relation to coronary heart disease and epidemiological studies have shown no evidence that men who ate less fat live longer or have fewer myocardial infractions.

The studies that looked at meats looked at processed meats. I think this most telling. As we’ve seen, the researchers manipulate the data to get what they are looking form

For anyone using cholesterol lowering drugs, look at the side effects, please do this for yourself.

The statins also reduce coenzyme q10 which is needed for heart muscles to work.

Statins also block the absorption of vitamin A which is needed for hormone production.

A lot of the side effects of statins is what happens when we age, and they do age us rapidly.

Low cholesterol concentrations increase the risk of death.

Lipitor with all it’s side effects, per their insert has not been proven to reduce heart problems or heart attacks.

So how do they get their message across?

Conspire to convince the populace that have nourished mankind for millennia  (such as eggs, butter, whole raw milk and red meat) are dangerously unhealthy,

Train the medical industry to advocate antibiotics, vaccinations, fluoride, and fabricated foods as scientific proven methods for preventing illness

Ignore or suppress healing methods that work; claim the real diseases have no cure or do not exist.

Define normal human conditions such as menopause and average cholesterol levels as illness which must be treated with expensive drugs that create serious side effects.

And that is the Oiling of America.

You will find an awesome video on this subject matter here

Myself I’m just curious…How come NIH is part of almost every study or research project on this subject?????

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