THE POWER of Prayer

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Update on Aaron Aveiro,
Aaron fell ill a week ago, a grand mal seizure episode that required 911 emergency assistance, he was life flighted almost immediately to the Boise Idaho St. Alphonsus neuro icu unit and has been in a drug induced coma, fighting for his life since.
Aaron has been on life support, he was having seizure activity that as of yesterday, they could only control by putting him under heavy sedation and intubating him with a breathing tube.
Prayer was in order, lots of lifting, healing prayer, so I reached out on my social media and Aaron’s platforms, and an old friend of his, worrying from his lack of contact connected with me after coming across his name in my post. That contact may have proved to be invaluable because she had information regarding the existence of past medical records for Aaron that no one else was aware of.
We called the hospital in Boise and relayed the information to the icu staff, and they assured us they would call and get the medical records from out of state as soon as possible…
Yesterday afternoon Aarons breathing tube was removed. They have reduced the sedation medication that was keeping him the coma and he’s got to get his voice back so he not talking much yet, but he’s better. We don’t have the answers yet necessarily, but we have him.
Prayer and its power is an amazing thing, you know when the people you ask to pray for you actually do it because there are results. Sometimes immediate. For that I am forever grateful for the blood of Christ because it can heal, it does, I have both seen it and been blessed by the healing. Prayer Works. It lifted my friend up, and I believe it will hold him there, so please continue to pray for him and his doctors, the people who do the research and whoever else he needs in his corner.
God Bless and Thank You all for your continued prayers in advance.


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