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Signs of a silent poisoning….

In my latest visit to Mead, Nebraska, the signs of a silent poisoning were all around: A farmhouse abandoned by its owners after their young children experienced health problems; a pond once filled with fish and frogs now barren of all life; university researchers busy collecting blood and urine from residents to analyze them for contaminants; and a local family drinking water only from plastic bottles because tests show chemical contamination of their drinking well.

Stan and Evelyn Keiser’s pond was heavily polluted with pesticides, killing off all signs of life. Photo by Brian Bell

In a story out today, I chronicle not only the devastating impacts of a pesticide poisoning of a large region in eastern Nebraska, but the frustration, fears and challenges that come with the monumental $100 million effort to clean up the manmade mess created by an ethanol plant using pesticide-coated seeds in production for biofuel.

Crews of environmental engineers are filtering millions of gallons of water through newly constructed treatment units and adopting techniques seen at some U.S. Superfund sites to contain and control the waste. The measures include the use of a helicopter to drop a temporary, protective shell-like coating of cement, fiber and clay over 16 acres of waste piles.

Despite the efforts, researchers say it is not clear if or how all of the damage can be erased. Just this morning, new data shows concerning information about levels of the chemicals potentially heading into drinking wells throughout the region.

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For years now I have stated…what goes in the dirt goes on the table. This article amplifies that statement…Also I should add. If you truly wish to understand how glyphosate got into our food supply basically unchecked….A MUST read is White Wash, The story of a weed killer, cancer, and the Corruption of Science. Take a peek and let us know what you think…Please tune in to GMO Tuesday next week as look at the 5G issue and how many think that COVID-19 nano-technology is tied to the 5G technology.

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